Monday, March 23, 2009


  1. Are any of you thinking about volunteering at the Sustainable Energy & Environment Expo April 24 & 25 at CBC? Our challenge is to engage the public in art-with-a-purpose. Beth and I are creating "wishing tree" structures from discarded materials. One will be on display (at the mall?) for all of Earth Month. The others will stand indoors at CBC's Gjerde Center, incomplete so that Expo visitors can add to them. Materials will be on hand so people can add structurally with discarded objects (or their own). Everyone will be invited to write a wish for the Earth and add it as a leaf to a tree.
    So you see: we need artists who want to facilitate a public art project. All you have to do is show up - everything will be prepared. If you want to be part of this action, say so now! I want to let the folks planning the event that 509ART is a creative and present force, the essential energy of our creative economy. Questions? Comments? Bring it!

  2. Am I in? Just want to say howdy, and get back to it for now.